Maximize your growth and profits with knowledge-based creativity

–  Unlock the true potential of your business

–  Achieve new levels of profitability and success

–  Gain and maintain control over the future of your business with increased flexibility

–  Ultimately diffuse business growth issues to get ahead of your competition

Puzzle #1:  As the world around you evolves and flattens, outside fundamentals change for the worse creating internal chaos, how do you embrace change and be opportunistic to create safe passage?

Puzzle #2:  If your sales stagnate and you don’t know why, how do you get unstuck?

Puzzle #3:  If you are one of the lucky ones with a thriving and growing business because you found a way to deliver real value to your customers in changing times but have internal chaos because your support system has not caught up, how do you put yourself in a position where you don’t miss the boat?

Puzzle #4:  Or if you are just looking to do more and wanting new ideas or proven ideas that have worked in other businesses or industries to take you to the next level, who do you trust to help you do that? 

We focus in finding breakthroughs and breakdowns in your business to increase your revenues, profitability, flexibility and productivity.  If you need an exit strategy, we help you increase your enterprise value through implementing sustainable, strategic and repeatable growth solutions.

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About Us 

Outside the Box Strategic Solutions, LLC was founded in 2004 by Pandora Pang to offer mid market businesses resources and solutions typically only available to Fortune 500 businesses so they can grow faster, smarter and easier.  Systematic business growth is like many spokes on a wheel.  Different roads and different roadmaps need different wheels built on different spokes.  We specialize in the following services

  • strategic marketing for top of mind
  • strategic branding so it sticks
  • strategic selling so you grow
  • strategic asset utilization so your hard assets work to grow you and your brand
  • strategic financing and investment solutions so you keep your profits you make to make more 
  • strategic products and solutions for any and all of the above
  • strategic roadmap for any and all of the above  


We understand business and we are interested in your success.  Our knowledge-based approach allows us to work as independently or as integrated into your team as you desire.  In the knowledge transfer continuum, we cater our approach to different executive goals. 

One-Stop Business Advisory Solutions   
Business planning, marketing/sales/business development, profit-generation, human resources, cost-savings, outsourcing, insourcing….. are just some of the areas we work with business owners to build sustainable desired results.  We are a full-service business advisory and consultancy firm to mid-market businesses.

Profits, Business, and Enterprise Value Growth Workshops

Interactive workshop that helps you double your profits and grow your business exponentially. 

Global Access to Bodies of Work of Art, Music and Sound to Grow Your Business  

One stop shop to implementation.  For business growth programs that incorporate solution sets involving exclusive bodies of work of fine art, music and products in audio and sound, through our vast network, we provide solution sets to our clients for implementation. 


Pandora is a go-getter. Nowadays, I think the term is Activator.

We met her first on an advanced development program. She was fearless and took on so very many tasks to establish us as the main provider of expeditionary solar power to the military.

She did everything for us from proposal organization and preparation, to establishing solid sales representative agreements, social media, and e-commerce. Her array of resources importantly includes legal and banking.

She is sharp, organized, energetic, and very well connected. And she is a fun and happy person – a joy to be around.

  – Edward O’Rourke, President / CEO Iris Technology Corporation, Orange County, CA


“Outside the Box Strategic Solutions is the equivalent of a PR, law and underwriter firm, wrapped into a high-energy package!  Their thoroughness and follow through is second to none.  I would highly recommend them to any company that needs the job done correctly.”  

– Jim Borsack, President, B Cellars, Napa Valley, CA

“You are thoughtful, insightful and clearly possess the talent in identifying and diagnosing situations that are standing in the way of success.”

– Rochelle Newman, Chief Marketing Strategist, Walton Isaacson.

Pandora has been a key component in the re-focusing and development of my company.  She has provided valuable business organizational and process improvement wisdom and is a true professional.   Her interest in developing a unique plan and her ability to implement quickly and efficiently make Outside the Box a top performer!

– Sheila Goulart, President, Synergy Financial Group,  Mission Viejo, CA

Outside the Box brings a level of talent and experience only found at the top ranks of the business world.  This, coupled with Pandora’s willingness to roll up the sleeves and get to work, makes Outside the Box an outstanding business advisor.

– Daniel Crowe, President, LATV, Los Angeles, CA

Pandora was an answer to a prayer… She gave me critical insight and direction… It was wonderful to have someone I could confide in … She helped me set goals and get a better handle … She is one of those people that radiate goodness every time she is around you, life seems to get better with her help … She helped me take it one step at a time. I would highly recommend her for anyone. I used to have a 200 man multi-million dollar firm and know what is expected. I would always want her at my side to negotiate any major deal or project. I would use her for a small company but also for a big one as well. I can’t say enough about her!

– Robert Richardson, Owner, Karnak Planning and Design

Pandora is a high energy, creative, and thought-provoking business strategist who helps me tackle and block.  She has been the primary motivating factor in taking my business national.  Without her ” Out of the box” thinking and ideas, I would still be focusing on my business locally only.  If your vision is a bit blurred, if you feel like you are stuck spinning your wheels in the trenches, or are having trouble delineating priorities to grow your business, Pandora is someone you need by your side.  She helps me mold and clarify my vision to focus on a plan of attack, see and neutralize obstacles on my path proactively and mobilize resources to access quality solution sets and providers.

– Mark Balken, BCI, Chico, CA

“Outside the Box Strategic Solutions was brought in for a triage.  Pandora and her team quickly got up to speed, succinctly and methodically helped us apply the processes and resources required with the end result of stabilizing the situation and completing the company acquisition.”

– Al Budris, VP Business Development, Veltec International,  Sand City, CA

“Pandora Pang and her company were instrumental in the development of our company IntellaCore. We had a good business concept and good capabilities, but we were disappointed that the marketplace did not respond positively to our initial marketing and company brand. Our executive team could have “gone it alone” to rebranded our company but luckily for us we did not. Pandora and her team took our business strategy to the next level and they were instrumental to our success as a business. First, Pandora provided important contributions to the business strategy of the company. Her team helped us to identify and focus on our core capabilities. More importantly, Pandora helped us to connect to why we were in business, as entrepreneurs, and what we wanted to achieve as a mission and as a business. The resulting brand development and marketing strategy have been outstanding. First it has provided us, internally, motivation and optimism. Secondly, it has provided us with a marketing message that has been very well received by the marketplace. We are exciting our constituency and expanding our business at a level of success that is only possible because of the work that Pandora and her team did for our business. Her top qualities are great results, high integrity, and creativity.  We hired her more than once.” 

– Michael James Malloy, CEO, IntellaCore, Pittsburg, PA

“If you have an idea or business that you want to get off the ground, the absolute very first place you should spend your money is with good honest Business Counselors and Advisors like Pandora Pang at Outside the Box Strategic Solutions.  It will help you save not only money but also your most precious resource, your time!  At Outside the Box, their combined experience and knowledge are invaluable.  They are an absolute necessity for entrepreneurs who have limited time and funds like us as they will help you direct your resources in the most efficient way.

They have access to people specializing in anything that is needed to accomplish that goal and they are eager to cooperate with any service providers you are already working with.  They look out for your interests, encouraging and educating you along the way so you understand how things work and affect each other.    

Pandora proved to be the creative Puzzle Master that can help you put all the pieces of your business together so they fit right, from the beginning.  And we would like to thank them personally for all the business insight and wisdom they have shared with us and look forward to working with them in developing our business further. 

Do not let your budget worries talk you out of getting good advice from the very beginning.  Trying to save money this way is an emotional decision, not a wise business decision.  Please learn from our experience and not the hard way.” 

– Karin J. Johnson & John R. Jordan, Business Owners, Lavage Clean

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Sustainable Business Growth with Knowledge Based Creativity

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