Your Challenge Is Our Focus

Small and medium sized businesses face incredible challenges everyday. You are expected to be experts in everything from finance to marketing, sales to production, and operations to quality controls. It is virtually impossible for one person to be an expert in all business disciplines and yet, business owners find themselves thrown into that very position day in and day out and you wish you could grow arms and balance daily demands at the same time.

You Want Proven Results and Not Theory  

You have seeked self-help, or may have gone to your trusted advisors.  You have had experience with self-proclaimed advisors whose first experience in your challenges might had been when they tried to help you.  

Gain Leverage with More Arms, Legs And Balance using our 4 Keys To Success Approach

/images/misc/bullseye.jpgWe don't just provide advice………We Drive Results With Knowledge Based Creativity. We deliver personalized, practical, hands-on help, with mentoring, coaching and advice that gets results on one hand and allows you to learn "how do they do it" at the same time. We apply our years of cumulative experience in business management in a diverse array of businesses, our resources, tool sets and expertise; not just management theory, to creatively devise strategic plans that best fits your company's specific needs and drive results through to implementation.

Led by our Founder and President, Pandora Pang, we are expert in growth issues and are armed to help you be successful.

/images/misc/ConcentricCircle.jpgYour Concentric Circles Respond Better To Shock Waves and Ripples By Tapping Our Concentric Circles

Your Concentric Circles.  Businesses large or small are run in expanding concentric circles with the business owner(s), and/or the board of directors situated in the center of those circles.  The heads of each core discipline takes up a portion of the first circle and combined, form the circle of knowledge and information surrounding these business owner(s) and/or the board. 

/images/misc/implementation.jpgDepending on how large the organizations are, expanding concentric circles are added as people and organizational structures are added from planning to implementation stages.  Each impactful decision or action made is like an epic center sending shock waves from the center out.  These shock waves, however, also reverberate across each ring of those concentric circles, cross disciplines and cross hierarchies. transcending specific to-dos and after effects directly or indirectly throughout the whole organization. 

We thrive in working congruently with the decision makers in the middle of those concentric circles, whether our charter is to help change a preset course, execute a preset plan, or when we help mold substantive business decisions and execution plans right at its formative stage.

Our Concentric Circles.  Our team is your first line of defense.  We pool from many resources for best practices and up-to-date information to stay ahead of the curve so our clients do not have to run so fast to keep up.  We access specialty experts in different communities that we built relationships with to find you the best of breed in help to deliver results.  We constantly seek improvements and perfect our methods with the 4 Keys To Success as our guiding principles so we can make our competition irrelevant.  Below is some of our affiliations and where when you engage a dialog with us that you are accessing support from:


Pandora Pang received her Accreditation from the Institute for Independent Business (IIB) in 2004 and in 2008, she was awarded Fellowship by the Institute in recognition of the contribution and support she has given to the community, her colleagues and clients.  This affiliation allows us the ability to established relationships with its 1,500 accredited executive associates throughout the U.S. and another 3,500 in 27 other countries.  In 2008, Pandora was awardedThis provides our clients affordable access to a virtual Advisory Board and a vast network of global resources, information services and expertise normally only available to chief executives of Fortune 500 companies.


Pandora Pang is the Founder of AllBusinessAdvisors, LLC, where a community of pre-screened independent associates work together to offer a security blanket to business owners and executives when they need it and how they need it.  AllBusinessAdvisors screen best of breed advisors in general and specialty areas and provide place for all of us to share.  We practice what we preach as this is our peer to peer support where we tap into The Power Of Many In OneTM to individually and together deliver results for our clients. 

/images/misc/CHI.jpgPandora Pang is a trained Business Growth Mastery Coach associated with Chet Holmes International and an avid practitioner of Chet Holmes' methods.  Strategic marketing, unique strategic positioning and constant incremental improvements are staples of the Chet Holmes Methods.  Coaches get together each week to retool and seek our incremental improvements to serve our clients better.


/images/misc/guerrilla_marketing_coach_logo.gifPandora Pang is a Certified Guerrilla Marketing Coach by Mitch Meyerson, best selling author of "Online Marketing Superstars" and Jay Conrad Levinson, father of Guerrilla Marketing.  Our community of GMCs are connected together, all supporting each other and our clients' growth.


/images/misc/implementation2.jpgContact us now to get a free report with million dollars of research and decades of business experience behind it.  Learn how to obtain a complimentary assessment valued $500 and qualify for an extra bonus worth $1,000 for the suitable businesses.